Information about Clear Maths private maths tuition

Many students who come to me have lost confidence in the subject.

This is for a variety of reasons. They may have missed work through illness, the teacher’s explanation may not have been sufficient or the pace of the class has been too quick for them. By having one to one lessons it is possible to stop and ask questions at any point without class censorship.

Who do I teach?

I mainly teach at A level, having the full worked past papers of all the popular boards. This includes Further Maths. I am happy to teach all abilities, from those who have it as a third A level up to those who need to reach high grades for University offers.

A level Maths is an extremely useful A level to have for University entrance and for later employment. However it is often perceived as difficult, especially at the start, when it is necessary to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level. Here I am often able to help students in their first few weeks of the subject and then they may return at a later date nearer the exams.

I am able to help GAP year students either to retake or prepare for their university courses and sometimes help first year students on the mathematical part of their course.

I also cover numeracy skills for adults, when they are required for qualifications. These range from the GMAT exam for entrance to MBA courses to the numeracy exam for Teacher Training and includes the numerical content of any psychometric tests required for job applications or evaluation.

If I have room, I may be able to help pupils who are in year 11 and are about to sit Higher level GCSE.

If you have a need other than these then please contact me and I can see if I can help you.

When do I teach?

I am available throughout the morning and early evening, and also for some time at weekends. Each session lasts for an hour.

In the evening I teach from 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm and many students have a regular lesson at one of these times.

If you only need a few lessons I can be more flexible, especially during holidays and half terms.

Where do I teach?

At present I am working online. All you need is a phone, with FaceTime or WhatsApp and a laptop. I then share files through a Dropbox link, so you can have access to any notes that I put up and you can print them off at your leisure if you want.

I may return to teaching from home, in a room designated for teaching. I do not travel to student's homes for two reasons: I have all my resources and particularly my photocopier immediately available and also I am able to teach in a quiet environment where the student is ready to work. I do not really have room for parents to wait but there is a cafe just down the road. Usually they tend to return home or go shopping nearby.

The area is residents parking only. I am able to issue permits to students who drive themselves, but unfortunately not to anyone else as otherwise I would be through my stock very quickly. There are some limited waiting areas in adjacent streets.

How much do I charge?

I generally charge sixty pounds an hour. This includes the supply of all notes and past papers.

This rate is competitive with those of reputable independent tutors in Oxford. Some agencies and individuals do have lower rates, but the tutors may not be qualified experienced teachers, but simply university students supplementing their income. You may find some that charge more, advertising as 'elite' or 'super' tutors, but it is not always the case that paying more gets you anything better. Further more if you go through an agency or tutorial college they take a (sizeable) proportion of the hourly rate, before paying their tutors.

I expect to be paid after the first session, bank transfer is easiest. If a student comes on a regular basis I am flexible over settling the account, but do not allow it to fall more than four weeks in arrears.

I reserve the right to charge for a cancelled lesson, if less than twenty four hours notice is given. In the case of illness or other genuine reason I am usually prepared to waive this or rearrange the session. However if I have a ‘no show’, due to forgetfulness I am quite likely to charge for it.