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                           Sue Clear

Thank you so much for working with R. You were a force of positivity for her and supported her so much with her Maths, when things hadn't been explained at school. She really enjoyed your lessons and always had a big smile afterwards.

(RR A level 2022 result awaited)

I can't thank you enough for all the time you have given O. I can honestly say that she ALWAYS looked forward with real relish to her sessions and afterwards was always on a bit of a high!

(OS A level 2022 result awaited)

NA: Thank you so much! I really appreciated all of the Maths lessons, they truly helped me out a ton and so many concepts finally make sense to me now.

Parent: Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave N and we have no doubt that it contributed considerably towards the awesome result she got today.

(NA A level 2022, grade A)

Who am I?

As an experienced teacher, tutor, parent and Oxford graduate, I offer maths tuition on an individual basis. Now I am giving this tuition online as it enables me to reach students all over the UK and abroad. It is less disruptive for both the students and their families as no travelling is involved.

I generally give maths tuition to A level students and help them achieve the grades they need to progress in their education or chosen career.  I now have availability for year 12 pupils moving into year 13 who need a boost to their mathematics.

To find out who I teach, when I teach, how I teach and how much I charge then visit my Information page!

Why obtain private tuition?

Maths is a subject in which it is very easy to lose confidence. Equally it is easy to restore it with individual tuition, where the work is covered at the student's pace and not that of the class. I would hope that all my students are able to feel that they can ask whatever they want and that they then get feedback they are able to understand.

Why choose Clear Maths for tuition?
  • Tuition tailored to student's needs
  • Confidence building and mentoring
  • All exam boards covered
  • Many years of experience
  • CRB checked

Questions answered!

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